173. $337,804.20 In 6 Weeks - What You Should Sell RIGHT NOW As A Creator

Season #1

Creatives are broke.. said no one we ever hang around. This episode breaks down some unique and rinse and repeat style offers that are making creatives money RIGHT NOW.  A huge shoutout to the 31 businesses in Round 11 of the 6 Week Creativ Rise Mastermind for making collectively $337,804.20 IN 6 WEEKS! Insane growth has gone down over the last 6 weeks because all 31 of the businesses in Round 11 focused on learning and implementing:

1. Building 6 Figure Offers & Pricing Them Well (one off & retainer)

2. Using A Money Management Plan

3. Building A 6 Figure Brand 

4. Networking Like A Pro

5. Pitching With Expertise & Quantity

6. Selling REAL Solutions To Problems

7. Building Lead Generation Funnels

8. Scaling Their Socials, Money and Time

9. Learning To Work Hard Without Burning Out

and more... 

Week 6 of the 11th Round of the 6 Week Creativ Rise Mastermind is officially in the books! Round 11 is finished. Here's a few quick wins from the 31 businesses going through the 6 Week Creativ Rise Mastermind from this week!

  • Owen locked down a $22,500 in new retainers THIS WEEK!
  • Kenna locked in a $2,500 brand shoot with a dream client and booked a new micro wedding for $3,100!
  • Chelsea raised her session prices and immediately booked a client at her new rate!
  • Avery tripled her pricing and booked a tourism retainer client! 
  • Jule landed her first brand strategy design deal!
  • Ivan booked a $2,400 brand shoot! 

So many amazing wins already.. If you want hands on support from us & you missed this round.. join the waitlist here! Next round coming fall 2024!


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