You deserve to break the  creative struggle. 

Join over 80+ Graduates who have taken the step to break the creative struggle.

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The Creativ Rise Mastermind is a 6 week life changing creative business coaching accelerator. It is life changing because when your business changes, your life changes

Through coaching, community and accountability, you'll gather the support and tools to shape the business of your dreams and break the creative struggle.

6 high-impact weeks of:

  • 2-on-1 Coaching: We all know the breakthroughs come when you can talk about your wins, losses and challenges you face daily. We've structured this mastermind so that you will be greeted with answers to your questions and an action plan to follow them up. Interact with Joey and Christy on a personal level as they lift the veil on their business in order to move the needle in yours.
  • Group Coaching: We aren't meant to journey through life alone, especially not in business. With group coaching calls, you can be sure you are supported and overflowing with community and inspiration. You can leave isolation on the checkout page.
  • Video Module Library: Anytime - anywhere. The videos are yours forever.  Dive into the video library at the beginning of each week and join the community as we learn from the video. We will then hop on a group coaching call to discuss the topic further. At the end - you keep the videos forever!
  • Private Facebook Community: Challenge, support and keep each other accountable in the private Creativ Rise Mastermind online community. This is where friendships for life will be made and kept.
  • WEEK 1: Redefining your Identity and Mastering your Brand
  • WEEK 2: Bulletproofing your Services 
  • WEEK 3: Network is your Networth
  • WEEK 4: The Art of Marketing 
  • WEEK 5: How to Scale
  • WEEK 6: The Healthy Hustle

Applications open on February 8th, 2021! The folks on the wait list get first access to apply!

The application process is simple. We will then reach out to you individually to ensure it's the right fit. 

Your investment is $1625. 

Most members make a positive return on investment within the first few weeks.  


"I made it a goal to leave my 9-5 job when I joined the Creative Rise fam, totally thinking it would be months before I actually accomplished that. 3 weeks into the mastermind, I quit my job and went full time in photography and design! Fast forward a few months and I’ll be celebrating my first six figure year at the end of this year & I’m forever changed because of it!"

Becca Romero // @BeccaRomeroCreative
Photo - Design

"To say this community was anything short of being one of the best investments I have made for my business would be an understatement. Thanks to Christy and Joey, for creating such an example of how you can be successful in not only your business, but also sharing an abundance of knowledge and time making sure other creatives are given the opportunity to do the same."

Madi Richardson // @madirichardson

"This is crazy. I set a goal to quit my job and be running my media business full-time 5 months after I invested in this community. I accomplished that goal 4 weeks after enrolling … this community shortcut me 5 years! If you don’t believe me – message me on Instagram!"

Claudio Frimmel // @claudio_frimmel
Photo - Video

"I was of the belief that if you practice your craft enough the work will come. I now know that's not true. There is a whole other side - the business side. I learned how to conduct a proper photography business - how to pitch, how to reel in clients and how to maintain those clients. Don't doubt it."

Victor Aerden // @victoraerden
Photo - Filmmaking


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