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On-Demand Modules

Your private module library walks you through the most important foundational tools, strategies and mindsets you need to run a successful creative business.

Best part, you have lifetime access.

Weekly Community Calls

There's power in putting a bunch of great people in a room. Everyone benefits. Each week we gather to talk out what we are learning and how you can implement it immediately.

You have lifetime access to the recordings.

Accountability Pods

The easiest way to grow quickly is by surrounding yourself with accountability. We use accountability pods to help you set, manage and crush your goals.

Growing your business shouldn't involve struggling. 


Running a creative business without a healthy foundation often creates:

a business that doesn't grow

 a fear of never making enough money

 a daily routine you can't get control of

 a cycle that takes all your time and gives little to no return


The Creativ Rise Mastermind helps you ditch struggle club patterns as you build a business with the foundation, systems and tools that actually work.

Join the 245+ creative businesses that have let Creativ Rise guide them to break the creative struggle. 

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You Deserve To Break The Creative Struggle.

We are unapologetic about helping you do it. In fact, we've guided over 245+ creatives break the creative struggle. 

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How This Mastermind Will Put Money In Your Pocket.

Listen in to understand how the Creativ Rise Mastermind is built to guide you and your business to thrive. 

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Partner With Us To Change The World. 

When you invest in yourself, you partner with Creativ Rise to build a world where more people can succeed at doing what they love. It starts with water. 


10% of your investment goes straight to Compassion Causes. 

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Your Content Library - Lifetime Access

Redefining Your Identity & Mastering Your Brand

  • Money Success Plan
  • Brand & Customer Identity
  • Vision Therapy
  • BONUS** Portfolio To Profit Website Course 
  • BONUS** Brand Strategy Social Blueprint Course

Bulletproofing Your Services

  • The Art of Problem Solving
  • Learn To Be An Investment, Not A Cost
  • Diversifying Your Income

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

  • How To Build A Network Like A Pro
  • Landing Jobs Through Relationships
  • Connecting With Big Brands Online
  • Tips For Getting Anyone's Attention

The Art of Marketing

  • Marketing 101
  • Building Out Your Customer Value Journey
  • Pitching Your Services (Templates Included)
  • How To Build A Proposal
  • Mastering Sales & The Sales Process 
  • BONUS**Outreach Templates Course + Scripts

Scaling Your Business

  • Scaling Your Income
  • Scaling Your Time
  • Building A Team
  • Scaling Your Finances
  • Contracts (Template Included)
  • BONUS** Tax Strategy System

The Healthy Hustle

  • The Key To Working Smarter, Not Harder
  • Building A Day Routine
  • Building An Evening Routine
  • Scheduling Out Your Growth
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Your Action Plan:


We have the largest waitlist in Creativ Rise history. We only accept a limited amount of spots, so get early access + early pricing by getting on the waitlist. 


After we review your application, we send the accepted business owners a link to officially claim their spot!


Watch the modules, join the group calls, get private strategy guidance, build into others and watch your business grow.

Trust the tools that have led industry leaders to trust us.




  • (x1) Pod Strategy + Intro Call with Joey & Christy
  • (x6) ZOOM Group Strategy &  Coaching Calls (one each week)
  • Lifetime Educational Video Module Access
  • Access to Worksheets and Templates
  • Access to Creativ Rise GRADUATE ONLY Opportunities
  • *Brand New* Creativ Rise Field Journal 
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2 Monthly Payments of $1375

(x1) Pod Strategy + Intro Call with Joey & Christy

  • (x6) ZOOM Group Strategy &  Coaching Calls (one each week)
  • Lifetime Educational Video Module Access
  • Access to Worksheets and Templates
  • Access to Creativ Rise GRADUATE ONLY Opportunities
  • *Brand New* Creativ Rise Field Journal 
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graduate success stories

Victor Aerden | Commercial Photographer

"I doubled my income in a pandemic thanks to the Creativ Rise Mastermind. That's all I should need to say."

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Dani Purington // Photographer & Community Builder

"The Creativ Rise Mastermind has totally transformed the way I I think about new revenue streams in my business. It was a full 180 from what I was going to do before, to what I’m now pursuing in my business! 

I didn’t know how I was going to expand my business, bring in new revenue, or how to strategize those things. But Joey and Christy laid it all out in the Mastermind in such a clear way. 

They guide you not only on how to get clients and other useful tips, but they’ll brainstorm with you when it comes to vision-casting a future for your business. It completely transformed the way I do things in my business and I’m so excited for this year because of them! 

I cannot talk up the Mastermind enough - it’s so good. Worth every penny!"

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we believe your business is meant for good.

your investment into your business through Creativ Rise funds drilling, building and maintaining clean water sources for communities in Nicaragua. 

Partner with Creativ Rise as we build a world where more people succeed at doing what they love - and it all starts with clean water.

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Join the Creativ Rise Mastermind and we will ship you the member only Creativ Rise Field Journal! 

The journal is designed to help you implement what you learn, set goals and track your success.

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graduate success stories

Becca Romero // Branding Agency

"I made it a goal to leave my 9-5 job when I joined the Creative Rise fam, totally thinking it would be months before I actually accomplished that. 3 weeks into the mastermind, I quit my job and went full time in branding and design! Fast forward a few months and I've celebrated my first six figure year & I’m forever changed because of the Creativ Rise Mastermind!!"

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Claudio Frimmel // Commercial Photographer

"This is crazy. I set a goal to quit my job and be running my media business full-time 5 months after I invested in this community. I accomplished that goal 4 weeks after enrolling … this community shortcut me 5 years! If you don’t believe me – message me on Instagram!"

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Dusty Creesey // Travel Photographer

"After an amazing mindset change while running through the Creativ Rise Mastermind, I have made in 2 months in my business what I made in the entire year last year. So stoked that I committed to growing my community and skillset by investing in Creativ Rise! It's only up from here"

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Hayley Rafton // Elopement Photographer

"I’ve always been someone who has valued education, but the reason I was on the fence initially about signing up for the Mastermind is because I’ve bought so many courses and guides that I never actually did and it was a waste of money for me. But the way they structure it is so you do it with people. You literally can’t be left behind, the accountability and community is SO real. The amount of things I learned switched the way I thought about my business and my brand and how I approached my clients has completely changed. It’s insane. I highly recommend it to anyone, if you own a creative business you need to have accountability, a community or else you’re going to hit a wall at some point. If you have any questions at all - please feel free to message me anytime!"

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Savannah & Louis // Husband & Wife Creative Team

"We feel so empowered after the Mastermind by seeing the value we can bring to the table as business, especially as a husband/wife team. We learned the systems we needed to take our business to the next level.

It was such an amazing experience. The community you get with the Creativ Rise Mastermind is one of the best parts! We highly recommend it. Do it! Sign up right now!!"

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Madi Richardson // Photographer

"To say this community was anything short of being one of the best investments I have made for my business would be an understatement. Thanks to Christy and Joey, for creating such an example of how you can be successful in not only your business, but also sharing an abundance of knowledge and time making sure other creatives are given the opportunity to do the same"

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Jordan Encarnacao // Director of Photography

"My investment into the Creativ Rise Mastermind has come back 7 times over and it's only been 2 months. That's insane. The Creativ Rise Mastermind has given me so much confidence. I loved it!"

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Mig Beauregard // Social Agency Owner

"Before joining the Creativ Rise Mastermind, I knew I needed help with my business, but didn’t know how. I felt like the puzzle pieces were hard to find and impossible to put together. Joining the Mastermind showed me that you can’t do it all on your own and the guidance, accountability and community really pushed me in the right direction. Joey and Christy showed me that hey, all the pieces are here. Enabling me to 4x my prices, scale my income and to work with the brands I love."

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