125. Building A $20k/Mo Recurring Business Model w/ Peter Van Der Wall

Season #1

This week we interviewed @petervndr on the podcast - and no, you're not having deja-vu.   Peter, a now $20k month agency owner, won one of our past free coaching sessions that we filmed live & put on the podcast (Ep 79). At the time, he was associate shooting for wedding videographers and was trying to take a stab at growing his own wedding videography brand.   Fast forward to now, Peter has been through both the Creativ Rise Mastermind and attended an Inner Circle Retreat, and founded Social Club Studios - a content agency for high-level professional entrepreneurs. He's becoming an authority in his space and is confidently pushing himself and his business forward. He's niched into a clientele that has scaled his company to $20k per month.   He gives actionable advice and practical tools on how he built his agency to $20k per month, and how you can too. ⚡️   You're gonna love Peter just as much as we do. You can follow Peter at @petervndr 🎉   **If you want to be a part of the same experience Peter went through with us - you've gotta get on the waitlist for ROUND 10 OF THE CREATIV RISE MASTERMIND - STARTING SEPTEMBER 10th 🎉** Applications launch for the Mastermind August 28th | Waitlist August 23rd (jump on the waitlist here: www.creativrise.com) The Mastermind goes for 6 weeks and ends October 22!   The anticipation is SO real. If you want to be a part of the 10th round of the Creativ Rise Mastermind and you have a goal of scaling to 6 figures fast & are looking more a deeper level of support - you've gotta get on the 6 week Creativ Rise Mastermind waitlist, you can join the waitlist here.   BRAND NEW Pricing Calculator: This is about to make your life so much easier. One of the most common questions we get from creatives is “how do I know what to charge?!” So we decided to make a seamless, web-based, un-complicated pricing calculator for creatives. Whether you’re in the commercial space or wedding space, there’s a calculator in there for you! It’s free for a limited time, so get check it now here
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