104. Doubling Her Income, Raising Her Prices & Building Out A Cash Producing Marketing Tool w/ Rebekah Soto @soullikethesun

Season #1

Have you recently raised your prices (or are thinking about raising your prices), but are experiencing a booking drop? Are you sending out pricing guides and hearing crickets? On this episode we’ve brought on special guest and luxury wedding photographer Rebekah Soto (@soullikethesun), who is a Creativ Rise Mastermind grad, to share her experience of how she was able to transition from a lower budget client to high-end luxury clients.   In 2021, Rebekah shot 40 weddings and made $50k - and in 2022 she’s ending the year at 15 weddings and made $125k. She opens up about the struggle of the “crickets” season and gives EXACTLY what she did in her marketing to pull off the transition, all within one year. We talk about lead magnets, how to hone in on your ideal client and what it takes to soar past six figures. She’s fun, bubbly and a wealth of knowledge. Tune in!    Follow Rebekah   TWO BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS: 
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