94. Nailing A Sales Call - An Easy First Step + Sales Call Role Play Recording

Season #1

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Sales calls should work - and they shouldn’t be terrifying.


We are giving you the top 3 tips of how to nail your intro for a sales call! How to sell even before you start talking about your service. 🚀


This episode we drew inspiration from Creativ Rise Mastermind graduate, Kyler Miles @kyler_miles who was on a Mastermind group call during the last week of the Mastermind and he asked a question about a sales call. We asked Kyler to pitch us, LIVE, in front of the 34 other businesses inside of the Mastermind on our group call. He agreed. And then Joey live-pitched him back on his offer on the sales call role play. It was awesome - Kyler crushed it and Joey provided an entirely different tactic that proved very effective to the community. Want a front row seat to this sales call role play with Kyler? Well, you’re in luck because Kyler agreed to make the sales role play public and available to you! Head to www.creativrise.com/salescall to access and watch the recording NOW. Totally free. Head over now to learn and grow from this sales call demonstration. PS: it’s also a ton of fun giving you an inside look of what just a tiny piece of that Mastermind calls are like!


Head to www.creativrise.com/salescall now to watch the sales role play! 👈🏼


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