93. TikTok 101 For Your Business w/ Tiktok Expert @jameslifee - Algorithm, Viral Videos, Short Form Video Strategy

Season #1

Want to know how to make TikTok WORTH YOUR TIME for your business? It all comes down to how well you understand the environment & algorithm you’re working in. We know creatives have more questions than answers when it comes to short form video, so we decided to bring in Tiktok Expert & Tiktok Agency Owner Jamey Lee @jameslifee to give you the answers you’re hoping for (and he doesn’t disappoint). 


Jamey is a co-founder of Deep Social Brands, an agency that helps you blow up on tiktok. 


We ask all the burning questions surrounding what’s the difference between Tiktok & Instagram, how to structure your videos for virality & a deeper understanding of how you analyze your content. He gives thoughtful answers & fast tips to help you continue to grow on socials. It’s SO GOOD. Follow Jamey👇


Tiktok @jameslifee

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