83. Every Dollar Is An Employee - Money Mindset Tip

Season #1

HOT money topic today - - how viewing every dollar as an employee will grow your business 💸

If your money isn’t making you money… you’re doing it wrong. 😅 And we want to help! Which is why we deep dive into the #1 thing creatives do to keep themselves playing small – and never truly growing their business to where they want it to be.


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Before joining the Creativ Rise fam, I felt like I had hit a wall in my business. I had lofty goals but I wasn’t growing, I wasn’t valuing myself properly, and honestly I just felt confused about my next steps. After joining the 6 week Mastermind, my business TOOK OFF. I always understood business, but actually having step-by-step processes related to my work was game changing. Actually, life changing. I improved in every aspect I was hoping to and more: Outsourcing, Client Relationships, Raising Prices, Offering More Services, Winning more discovery calls with clients, feeling confident in myself and what I had to offer, and the list goes on. I had my first 6 figure year while working half the hours I expected to. I can’t thank Christy and Joey enough for showing me what is possible and giving me the exact steps to reach my goals.

 - Hayley Zumkeller @hayleyzumkellerphotography


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