74. The Easiest Way To Kill Your Businesses Growth - Trigger Warning

Season #1

Might ruffle a few feathers on this one.

The easiest way to lose your business is by choosing your contract over your reputation (aka: your client experience).

Ever waited in line for something for HOURS, only to get to the front & they’ve told you they’re closed and will not make an exception because it’s in their ‘policy?’ Yeah, we’ve all experienced the policy-police before before and you know it doesn’t feel good.

Don’t make people feel the same way about you.

Do we think you should let people walk all over you? Nope. But do we think there’s a lot of things creatives hold onto in their contract that are ruining their client experience? Absolutely. (I.E: Do we think refusing to give out RAW images is probably the dumbest fad in the creative industry? Yes - before you think we are crazy, listen in: we will explain in this podcast).

We believe as service providers (which you are if someone is hiring you to do a job), your main concern should be your client’s experience. Not your art. Not your money. Not your IG followers.

If you get this backwards (which we see so often and we ourselves have been tempted to do), you’ll end up resenting your clients & either leaving or losing your business.

But if you get it right? You’ll have a thriving business of people who genuinely believe you want what is best for them OVER what is best for your business growth (which, in turn, causes business growth). And we think that’s something to be proud of.

Creatives: start being an actual service provider, not just an artist.

So buckle up, it’s about to get spicy.

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