68. Grow Your Business With Finders Fees - A Great Referral System

Season #1

Struggling with getting work right now? Guess what: Instagram shouldn’t be your only strategy of reeling in the jobs.

Something you can start TODAY is a paid referral program with another industry professional (aka: someone who does the same service as you but is booked out).

Too often creatives ask for referrals, providing zero value to the person referring you. You might get a half-hearted “sure I’ll recommend you!” - but the referrals come few and far between because there’s no value for the person on the other side.

Want a referral program that ACTUALLY works? Well, we are spilling the beans on how you can start landing referral clients quickly and consistently... where you BOTH get paid.

In this podcast we map out why this works and exactly what to say when pitching to another industry professional about setting up this type of referral relationship. We make it simple for ya so you can start implementing it TODAY.

We know the mental block of not knowing what to say hurts a creative’s career. You end up stuck at the keyboard, overthinking what to say and ending up not sending anything at all. Well, we want to clear that problem right out of your way - which is why we created the Outreach Templates: email/DM templates to land the deal. You can get yours today & start pitching brands TODAY in a way that catches their attention & builds trust.

You can get your templates now at www.creativrise.com/outreachtemplates.

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PS: if you buy the course today, you get the Portfolio to Profit Downloadable Messaging Guide! Woo-freaking-hoo!!

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