66. LIVE COACHING: Destroying Limiting Beliefs Around Raising Your Prices w/ 15 yr old Business Owner

Season #1

If you only listen to one podcast a year: THIS is the one to tune into.

Age is truly but a number in this business. Evie is 15 years old from London, England and is the owner of April Creative Design: an agency that serves US-based wedding industry professionals for all their design and website needs. She began her business at the age of 14 and her business has exploded: but she has been struggling to raise her prices. She’s in good company, as Joey began his business at the age of 14 as well in Canada. We dive into a heartfelt, encouraging and INSPIRING conversation around this well-spoken, intelligent and talented creative who is already knocking it out of the park - - but just needed some strategy around pricing to get her to the next level.

If you’re struggling with the fear around raising your pricing but also feel like you lack the strategy to actually change it… this one is for you.

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