62. Why You Want Problems In Your Business - 3 Steps To Identifying, Prioritizing and Solving Problems To Grow Your Business

Season #1

We are 1 quarter of the way through the year already! That means you've got 3 quarters of the year left... and this is usually when people hit the year SLUMP. 

But guess what: that doesn't have to be you. You can be re-energized and re-strategized to get that New-Year-Energy BACK. How can you do that? By identifying problems. 

Problems? Well, that sounds pessimistic. Aren't I supposed to only be focused on my goals? 

Nope. Because problems aren't actually "bad." Problems are created when you move forward, so if your business doesn't have any problems: then your business might be on its way to the grave. 

In this episode, we dive into how identifying, prioritizing and solving your problems is what will propel you towards meeting your goals. Exciting, huh? We think so, too. We give you a three action plan to do this all within this podcast. So grab a sheet of paper and tune in! 

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