59. The Biggest Key To Looking For & Benefitting From A Community

Season #1

Your life will be a direct reflection of your peer group’s expectations. Whew... does that quote hit or what? 

This episode is a spin-off of “you are who you hang out with” - but two levels deeper and with the idea that the success of your creative business DEPENDS ON THIS. 

Too often we don’t intentionally create a peer group... it just happens. The people we grew up with. The people we work around. The people we are comfortable around. 

But if these people (who might be great and supportive!) are the ONLY influences in your life, and they aren’t heading where you’re trying to head... you are missing out the secret to fast-tracked success. You will constantly battle for growth with a lone-ranger mentality and end up growing much slower than people who are surrounded by a community of creatives who have expectations for them. 

So if you are ready to quit the lone-ranger mentality and want to get fast-tracked towards success: the Creativ Rise Mastermind is designed for you. 

6 weeks of growth surrounded by an intimate community of 20-30 creatives, all working towards the common goal of growth, together. It is 6 weeks of all the business growth tactics you need to know to grow your business from where it is to where you desire it be, individualized coaching, and an incredible community of people pushing and encouraging you. 

Applications open to the public March 28th, but if you get on the waitlist you’ll receive EARLY ACCESS and $100 off! You can get on the waitlist at www.creativrise.com or by texting “waitlist” to 916-587-6417. 

Can’t wait to see you there.


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