37. Shift Your Business Without Losing Your Business - 3 Steps To Any Great Shift

If this last 2 years has done anything it's allowed us to see new opportunity and grieve the loss of opportunities we thought we had in front of us. "Shifting" our businesses has become common, simply out of necessity for most due to the rapid change in the world and how it affects our industries. BUT, what if you've been waiting for the change? What is you are ecstatic to change what you do but wrapped up in fear. Well, then this episode is for you.

In this episode we dial in on how to shift without losing it all, how to combat the fear of what change throws at you and most importantly 3 three things to any successful shift and how you can do them too.

Shifting is meant to be done in community. We built the Creativ Rise Mastermind to help do it right all well being 100% supported. The Creativ Rise 6 week mastermind was born to guide people through the foundations of building a great business, give them the support to grow and the accountability to actually get things done. We’ve had over 100 creative businesses owners go through it. People from all corners of the world and in every industry. Time and time again we’ve watched how they’ve blown it up. All through the power of coaching, community and accountability.

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