36. What To Do When Your Business Plateaus - How To Gain Momentum When You Stall Out

We all know what the rush of a booming business feels like.. but what do we do when we have slow months? What do we do when we feel like we have plateaued? Well, this week's episode is entirely about What To Do When You've Plateaued.

Here's the key and we break it down in this episode - realize that every plateau is a breeding ground for your next explosion. Boom.

What would be possible if you turned your plateau into a runway for your next explosion??

Would your $75k turn into $200k? Or would your 20k turn into your first 60k? Would your 80 hr work week turn into a 20 hr work week without a pay cut? Would you be way more fulfilled and way less burned out?

These are ALL things people in our Mastermind have experienced. Just listen to this story about a Creativ Rise Mastermind grad Becca.

"I made it my goal to leave my 9-5 when I joined the Creativ Rise Mastermind, totally thinking it would be months before I actually accomplished that. 3 weeks into the Mastermind, I quit my job and went full-time with photography and design. Fast forward a few months and I’ll be celebrating my first six-figure year at the end of this year & I’m forever changed because of it!”

While Becca is amazing, her story is not unique. She simply put herself in the right room to be built into, stretched and held accountable. She used the plateau to get close to people who were exploding and within 3 weeks, boom, she blew it up and hit 6 figures her first year.

We want you to have a story like Becca. Infact, we don’t just want that, we believe you deserve it.

At Creativ Rise, we are building a world where more creatives succeed while doing what they love. That’s our cause. We so believe in it. The best way you can change your story like Becca is through the power of our Creativ Rise Mastermind.

The Creativ Rise 6 week mastermind was born to guide people through the foundations of building a great business, give them the support to grow and the accountability to actually get things done. Since then, we’ve had over 100 creative businesses owners go through it. People just like Becca. Time and time again we’ve watched how they’ve blown it up. All through the power of coaching, community and accountability.

We are running the next 6 week round of the Creativ Rise Mastermind at the end of September into October. It launches for application on September 19th. Why applications? Well, it sells out every time. We need to make it application only to be sure we can hand select the right people to be in the community. Here’s the catch though, the waitlist gets access to apply 2 days early.

So if you know you want to grow your business. If you know you have bigger dreams that you are living right now you need to be in this next round of the Creativ Rise Mastermind and you need to join the waitlist.

Photographers, filmmakers, designers, social media strategists, agency owners and influencers. This is for you. We are calling you out.

It’s so easy to join the waitlist, simply text the word WAITLIST to 916-587-6417 and boom. You are on the waitlist. The waitlist is where you can ask us questions and we will give you a ton more info and value.

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