34. The IG Trend That KILLS Your Business & How To Avoid It

The IG trend that needs to end: Complaining about your clients/business on social media.

We get it. You probably think it's harmless, you see other people getting lots of views, and hey, you look cute in it. What could be the harm? Well... unfortunately your viral reel of you pointing to all the reasons you're upset at someone asking for the RAW's could actually be setting fire to your whole business (in a bad way).


What happens when you follow this IG trend:

- lose loyalty of past clients

- scare away future clients


It's time to stop encouraging the negative, pitchfork mob mentality around IG. Instead, start creating content around your clients how you solve their problems rather than the problems they create for you. 


It's time to re-evaluate whether or not these trends are helping you grow your business or if you're actually scaring away potential (or current) clients.


Tune in.


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